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We were featured in the Newbury and Thatcham Observer in the new year with an article titled:

Hamster saved by surgery after leg-loss new year Little Garcia, a female one-year-old Russian Dwarf hamster, injured herself on New Year’s Eve after falling while running around her cage.

Her owner Eleanor Read took Garcia (who showed no signs of discomfort) to GKG Vets, where they discovered that Garcia had suffered a broken hind leg and the bone had come through the skin.

Without amputation, Garcia would have to have been put to sleep, so the next day very delicate surgery was carried out on her.

Vet Stuart Davenport from GKG Vets with hamster and hamster owner and vet nurse Sarah McAbendroth

(from left) Vet Stuart Davenport, owner Eleanor Read and vet nurse Sarah McAbendroth with Garcia the hamster

hamster GarciaIt was a complete success, and within a few hours Garcia was back to her usual self, running around her cage as if nothing had happened.

“I am amazed at Garcia’s brilliant recovery,” said Eleanor.

“By operating out of hours on New Year’s Day, it meant Garcia survived a life-threatening injury – they really went the extra mile for us.”

Our vet Stuart Davenport said in the article: “It was an unusual way to spend New Year’s Day, but we know that animals don’t only get ill in office hours.

“Garcia’s injury was very serious. Despite the fact it had occurred late on New Year’s Eve we knew we needed to act if she was to be saved.”

“We stabilised her initially with pain relief and antibiotics, and early on New Year’s Day we operated to amputate the limb, removing the damaged limb and leaving healthy tissue.

Read the full article here – newburyobserver.co.uk

Article and images courtesy of Newbury Observer


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